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John Reynolds

McLeavey Sat Here #1–45
John Reynolds, 2011
Silver oil paint markers on canvas, 100 x 100
Higgs Boson Blues (detail)
John Reynolds, 2013
Oil paint marker on acrylic and rainwater, 448 10 x 10cm canvases
Cuba Street Multiples
John Reynolds, 2013
In edition of 5, 13 x 13cm
Blutopia #1–40
John Reynolds
Unique mixed media toothed acrylic-primed paper, 35 x 42.5cm
Blutopia: the Book
John Reynolds
Unique covers, signed
Kermadec Wake #1, #4, #3
John Reynolds
71 x 83cm
Be Obscure
John Reynolds
50 x 70cm
Chrysanthemum (Red)
John Reynolds
Oil stick and acrylic on paper, 50 x 70cm
Chrysanthemum (Blue)
John Reynolds
Oil stick and acrylic on paper, 50 x 70cm
John Reynolds
I’m the Hiroshima of Love
John Reynolds, 2005
Oil stick and acrylic on paper, 50 x 70cm
McLeavey Sat Here
John Reynolds, 2011
Oil stick and acrylic on paper, 50 x 70cm
What You Get For Free
John Reynolds
Oil stick and acrylic on paper, 50 x 70cm

About John Reynolds

Peter McLeavey began what has become a lengthy and fruitful partnership with John Reynolds in early 1981. The then 26 year old Elam graduate, having exhibited at a number of artist-run and alternative spaces, keenly embraced the opportunity to be represented by New Zealand’s pre-eminent dealer gallery.

With Reynolds immersed at that time in an all-consuming undertaking to bring espresso to late night CBD Auckland, aka John’s Diner, Peter stated, “I’ll be back”.

And two years later, the relationship was cemented with the opening of a joint show with Julian Dashper at 147 Cuba St.

In May 2015, the latest of thirty-two years of shows and events, Reynolds’ Blutopia, a book launch and exhibition, opened at the same address.

Awards, an Arts Foundation Laureateship, a Walters Award finalist (twice), numerous residencies, several publications, national and offshore exhibitions, have followed.

Primarily recognized as a painter, Reynolds has subsequently pursued interests in public artwork, sculpture, installation (of a forlorn nature) publication, and willfully temporary projects.

Current undertakings include a proposed large scale installation drawing overlapping connections between the Hokianga Harbour and China’s Yangtze River. And a book based on field notes searching for an elusive blossom in Shanghai, and literary encounters with the gum tree in Canberra.

Reynolds’ next project in Cuba Street may include a visual consideration of a philosophical enquiry provocatively lent to the artist by Peter McLeavey titled “On Evil”.

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