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Zahra Killeen-Chance & Solomon Mortimer
11 Apr – 20 Nov 2014
An exhibition of recent work by Zahra Killeen-Chance and Solomon Mortimer.
Zahra Killeen-Chance & Solomon Mortimer
Installation in McLeavey Gallery
Still images from Strata
Zahra Killeen-Chance & Solomon Mortimer
Toner prints on 110gsm tracing paper, open edition, 420 x 300mm
Zahra Killeen-Chance
Unique ceramics, Size variable
Strata; Silhouettes
Zahra Killeen-Chance & Solomon Mortimer

About the exhibition

Immerse yourself in this poetic video work playing in the gallery until Saturday 14 November, or watch the work online.

Filmed by Solomon Mortimer in Zahra’s domestic environment during level 3 lockdown, Strata challenges the notion that humans are separate from their environment. Made up of moments that connote the permeability and interconnectedness between the body and its environment, Zahra’s digital performance asks how we can rethink our relationship to our communities and eco-system.

Clothed in a sheath-like covering created in collaboration with Amanda Smith and Rachelle Moore at AUT Textile Design Lab, Zahra’s body becomes a liminal creature that oscillates between anthropoidal, vegetative and synthetic states.


Zahra Killeen-Chance

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