Previous Exhibitions

richard killen random reproductions 02

Random Reproductions

Richard Killeen

andrew barber clifton rd cuba st

From Under The House

Andrew Barber

zahra killeen chance and solomon mortimer install shot 3

When the Sun Sets Your Eyes Change Colour (I Hope This is True)

Zahra Killeen-Chance & Solomon Mortimer

ava seymour interaction of colour 04 retouched by ava

Interaction of Colour

Ava Seymour

ava seymour triptych lumiere

I Like Girls

3 artists

laurence aberhart war memorial patearoa brooklyn picton


Laurence Aberhart

the empire strikes back installation

The Empire Strikes Back

3 artists

john reynolds chrysanthemum


5 artists

oleg polounin untitled 4 untitled 6warren viscoe wisdom of the ocean

Who Said That?

3 artists

robin white installation2

This is the Day

Ruha Fifita & Robin White

nick austin dunedin

Time’s Sieve

Nick Austin

yvone todd honest places install shot

Honest Places

Yvonne Todd

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