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Warren Viscoe

Sturnidae – The Huia’s Song
Warren Viscoe, 2003
Wooden sculpture
Meliphagipae – The Honey Eaters
Warren Viscoe, 2003
Wooden sculpture
Singing the World into Existence
Warren Viscoe, 2003
Wooden sculpture
I Built a Hide For Wetas
Warren Viscoe, 2011
Sculpture, 430 x 290 x 160
I Went and Gathered Sticks
Warren Viscoe, 2011
Sculpture, 970 x 420 x 170
Wisdom of the Ocean
Warren Viscoe
Recycled kauri and acrylic
Bride and Egg
Warren Viscoe, 2015
Wisdom of the Ocean
Warren Viscoe
Islands of Rage; Wisdom of the Ocean
Richard Killeen & Warren Viscoe
Wisdom of the Ocean
Warren Viscoe

About Warren Viscoe

Warren Viscoe was Born Auckland in 1935. He studied in London at Chelsea College of Art, and then in Canada at the Ontario College of Art. He returned to New Zealand in 1962 and graduated with a Diploma of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Art in 1965.

In his early life, before studying, he trained as a builder, and he has an innate understanding of materials and construction. His works are evocative of nature and the environment.

His first exhibition at the Peter McLeavey Gallery was in May 1980, simply titled “Sculpture”. Since that time Warren has been a regular gallery exhibitor.

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